Bennville Aggi Jesebel AFA13J  

This girl is one of our consignments to the Eastern Showcase Sale in Hanover on December 10th 2022. Jesebel is a BBar Hawkeye Hulk daughter out of our Luzi family. Below  find photos of Jesebel, her dam Bennville Aga Luzi,  Luzi Clein 19C a maternal sister to Jesebel and pics of Bennville Hemsworth Beauty. Jesebel was exposed to Hemsworth for March calving. With outstanding EPD's we are very much looking for this bulls offspring in 2023

left to right: Bennville Jesebel  AFA13J ,  her dam Bennville Aga Luzi AFA41A , her maternal sister Bennville Luzi Clein AFA19C

Bennville Hemsworth Beauty AFA1H   pictured summer2022 and  as a yearling bull coming off test

current EPD's:  

Gest -5 BW 0.3 WW 83 YW 129 MK 19 TM 60 SC 1.4 DOC 14 CW 48 REA 1.17

our second consignment to the Eastern Showcase Sale

Bennville July Augusta AFA4J

July is also a BBar Hawkeye Hulk daughter out of our Mary family and exposed to the Hemsworth bull for spring calving

below left to right: Bennville July Augusta AFA4J , her dam Bennville SM Augusta AFA38A and her maternal sister as first calver Bennville Hershey Mary AFA6H

We are very proud of this bull

Bennville Goetz George AFA5G , a Balamore Darwin son ,pictured here at the EOT and during summer duty as yearling bull. George is currently listed on the young sire trait leader list for  WW, YW, MK, DOC ,CW, REA and MARB

his current EPD's are:

GEST. -4 CE 6 BW 3.9 WW 74 YW 104

 M 25,TM 62 CW 41 REA 1.38

George has 2 sons on test  in our bull group this winter

Limo EPD's
 Sire / Dam
adj. Marb
Koch Beauty 
DP  79lbs. 1.1.2022
 BW 1.7 WW 72 YW 108 M 25 TM 61 CW 37 REA 1.25
 Balamore Darwin (CJSL Windfall)
NFL Australian Beauty
Kasimir    DP
78lb. 2.1.2022
 BW 3.4 WW 69 YW 101 M 27 TM 62 CW 29 REA 1.18
 Balamore Darwin
Bennville Bella Cayley 2B
Cayley family
 AFA3K     DP
79lbs. 4.1.2022
 BW 2.8 WW 68 YW 99 M 22 TM 56 CW 30 
REA 1.3
 Bennville Goetz George
Bennville Humbelina 3H
Cayley family
 AFA4K     DP
89lbs. 8.1.2022
 BW 3.1 WW 62 YW 88 M24 TM 56 CW 24 
REA 1.18
 Balamore Darwin
Bennville SM Augusta 38A
Mary family
 AFA6K     DP
King George
84lbs. 12.1.2022
 BW 4.6 WW 75 YW 109 M 23 TM 60 CW 32 REA 1.33
 Bennville Goetz George
Bennville Gwendoline 
Chiq 23G
black   Moose family
89lbs. 12.1.2022
 BW 2.5 WW 67 YW 93 M 24 TM 57 CW 33 
REA 1.19
 Balamore Darwin
Bennville Zesty   27Z
Genesis family
 AFA8K    DP 
Kool  Aid
90lbs 15.1.2022
 BW 2.6 WW 61 YW 87 M 25 TM 56 CW 27 
REA 1.17
 Balamore Darwin
 Bennville Eierlikoer  33E
 Cayley family
23.1.2022 79lbs.
 AFA11K    DP
Luz Klaus
26.1.2022 88lbs.
 BW 3 WW 60 YW 82 M 26 TM 56 CW 25 
REA 1.32
  Balamore Darwin
  Bennville Luzi Clein 19C
  Luzi family
 coming 2 year old bull
 AFA16J  DP 
Jack Daniels
9.3.2021 80lbs.
 BW 1.4 WW 56 YW 74 M28 TM 57 CW 30 
REA 1.27
 Balamore Darwin
Bennville Bahama Mama
Cayley family

dam of AFA1K top / bottom   AFA6K               dam of AFA2K  top /  bottom  AFA7K              grand dam of AFA3K top / bottom  AFA8K      dam of AFA4K top / bottom AFA10K