Bennville will run a bull test group again during the 2021/22 season . Bulls will start test towards the end of November and be finished by mid March. Sired  by  Birubi Jupita, B Bar /Hawkeye Hulk, Bennville Goetz George and Balamore Darwin the boys will offer some interesting bloodlines for our bull customers to work with. More info will be added when it comes available. For info please get in contact with us. 

                                                                  e-mail  or call Greta   cell number: 905-865-2529

Limo EPD's
 Sire / Dam
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adj. Marb
Goetz George DP
85lbs. 20.1.2019
 BW 3.6 WW 73 YW 103 M 23
TM 60  CW23 REA 1.43
  RED ,double polled
 Balamore Darwin (CJSL Windfall)
Bennville Gen Esra 31E (Westwood)

hip height
 88lbs. 1/1/2021
 BW 3.8 WW 69 YW 97 M22 TM57 CW 24  REA 1.44
Red, double polled
 Bennville Goetz George
Bennville Finny 28F (Hollee'sBazooka)
Moose family
924 lbs.
Bennville Jony Zesty 9/1/21
 BW 2 WW64 YW92 M19 TM51 CW 18 REA 1.32
Red, double polled
 B BAR/Hawkeye Hulk 
Bennville Zesty 27Z (Westwood) Genesis family
942 lbs.  
Bennville John Birubi 12/1/21
 BW3 WW66 YW 96 M 19 TM52
CW20 REA 1.42
Red, double polled
 Birubi Jupita J15
Bennville Cool Cayly
(Westwood) Cayley family
  928 lbs
18/1/21 85lbs.
 BW 3.9 WW75 YW 110 M23 TM 61 CW 34 REA 1.47
single Red, double polled
 Bennville Goetz George
Bennville Gal Glory 10G (NFLDjango) Cayley family
  1015 lbs.
Bennville Jack&Jill 79lbs.
20/1/21 twin
 BW 3.6 WW65 YW 96 M26 TM58 CW12 REA 1.33
Red, double polled
 Birubi JupitaJ15
Bennville Bella 2B Cayley(TMF Arizona)
  743 lbs
Bennville John Candy 89lbs.
 BW 4.4 WW62 YW 91 M23 TM54 CW 6 REA1.24
Red, double polled
Bennville R Luzius Bennville Dark Coco 3D (Hollee's Bazooka)
Cayley family 
  921 lbs.
Bennville Jack Birubi 84lbs.
 BW 3.9 WW63 YW 88 M26 TM 58 CW12 REA 1.38
Red, double polled
 Birubi JupitaJ15
Bennville Luzi Clein 19C (Bennville Zechine)
Luzi family
  835 lbs.
Bennville Jacob Gen  80lbs.
 BW 2.5 WW59 YW 82 M25 TM 55 CW 22 REA 1.23
Red, double polled
 Balamore Darwin
Bennville Strudel Genesis 17S (Medalist) Genesis family
  731 lbs.
Bennville Jack Daniels 80 lbs.
 BW 2.7 WW64 YW 88 M26 TM 58 CW 23 REA1.30
Red, double polled
 Balamore Darwin
Bennville Bahama Mama 12B (Elmgrove Wyatt) Cayley family
  782 lbs.

Photos below show the dams of young bulls on test during the 2021/21 season. Bull photos will be added at a later time

Current average EPD's for active sires are: BW 2  WW 62  YW 89  M 22  TM 53  CW 18  REA 1.19

Bennville Aureol 1A,  a SVL Polled Exclusive daughter and grand dam to AFA1J

Bennville Zesty 27Z, a Medalist daughter and dam of the AFA2J bull

Bennville Cool Cayly, a Westwood daughter and dam od AFA5J

Bennville Gal Glory 10G here as heifer, a NFL Django daughter and dam of AFA6J

Glory shows some very impressive EPD's: BW 4.1 WW 77 YW 116 M23 TM 61 CW 31 REA 1.48

Bennville Bella Cayley 2B, a TMF Arizona daughter raised twins for us with AFA7J one of the pair

Bennville Dark Coco 3D, a Hollee's Bazooka daughter and dam of AFA9J

Bennville Luzi Clein 19C, a Bennville Zechine daughter and dam of the AFA11J bull

Bennville Strudel Genesis 17S a Medalist daughter and dam of AFA15J

Bennville Bahama Mama 12B an Elmgrove Wyatt daughter and dam of AFA16J

Bennville Goetz George 5G sired by Balamore Darwin out  of a Westwood dam Bennville Gen Esra 31 E

photos below show George during the breeding season 2020 and 2021......and his dam Esra in  early winter.

George's first calves are on the ground now.....all out of heifers....unassisted and in the 85lbs.lbs. weight range

Attention  purebred breeders is your chance to purchase this top bull 

BW3.7/85lbs. WW72  YW 102  M23  TM59  CW38  REA 1.45  Sc37  REA act.16.2


Bennville Hemsworth Beauty 1H, sired by Paynes Cracker & Morrisvale Lumberjack dam , NFL Australian Beauty ( photo on right)

The photo below shows Hemsworth at the end of test in March. His numbers are topping everything we have seen in the 20 years of bull testing!

BW 0.5 WW83 YW130 M18 TM 59 CW 46 REA1.32 act.BIO data REA21.5 Backfat 13 Rumpfat 11 Marb 1.4% yield 62% SC42.5cm HH 50inches

We are using Hemsworth at the moment as herdsire on a group of heifers and maybe consider collecting semen in the future