REFERENCE  SIRES    with  2019 fall EPD's

Elmgrove Wyatt AGE 16W

we bought Wyatt as a yearling in 2010 and used him as clean up bull after AI for 4 years. Wyatt has left us with a number of excellent daughters in the herd.All are medium framed with lots of muscle expression and absolutely docile to work with. Loved this bull a lot! After servicing our herd, Wyatt left us to fill herdsire duty at Norwich Packers.

current EPDs:  BW 3.2  WW 65   YW 87  Milk 20  TM 53  Sc 0.60  CW 8  REA 1.31

Bennville Zechine AFA32Z

Zechine is an Elmgrove Wyatt son we used for a couple of years as herdsire before he moved to Mc Callum Brothers. We loved this bull a lot for his conformation , muscling and disposition.You find Zechine in a number of our good brood cows.

Current EPD's: BW 4.1  WW63  YW89  Milk20  TM52  CW 7  REA1.27

Bennville Pina Ale AFA 30A     (his dam is Pina Colada,Elite Dam)

Ale is an Arizona son out of our Cayley family, we used  in the 2015 breeding season on our heifer group and sold him later during the summer to Hank Kroeze. Ale left us with some outstanding  cows in our herd

current EPD's:  BW 4.4  WW 75  YW 120  Milk 20  TM 58  Sc 0.7   CW 18  REA 1.38

Hollee's Bazooka
Bazooka is a Wulfs Xtractor son out of  the Elite dam RLF Temptress. We bought him as a calf in 2014
from Hollee Limousin and used him as herdsire for 4 years. This spring Bazooka  switched ownership to Star and Andrew Phipps of Hagersville to take over herdsire duty on their herd. We liked this guy a whole lot for his impressive body.
Some of his bull calves will be in our test group in 2018/19
current EPD's:  BW 2  WW 62  YW 94  Milk 18  TM 49   Sc 0.2   CW 1   REA 1.32
photo shows Bazooka in the fall of 2017

Bennville Carson 2C
Carson was part of our 2015/16 bull test group  but due to a shoulder injury half way through the test his numbers were very poor. Being a son of the low BW fullblood sire CFSV Polled Excel  combined with our Mary family we felt very confident to use him on our heifer group in 2016 before selling him to Bowpark Farms in 2017.
current EPD's:  BW 2.9  WW 62   YW91   Milk 16  TM 48   SC 0.3  CW 13  REA 1.31
 photo shows Carson as a yearling bull during the breeding season

Carson is currently placed on the Young Sire Trait Leader List
8th place for Fat Thickness ( top 4% of breed)
9th place for Yield Grade (top 10% of breed)
38th place for Ribeye Area (top 20% of breed)
NFL Django

Although we normally don't find use for a black bull in our herd, this boy caught my eye at the PIC sale in 2017. A Yardley son out of a EXLR Total Impact dam this bull offers a different pedigree for us. Packed solid , wide over the top, good footed and impressive numbers, combined with an easy going very mild temper, we took this bull home and are using him for the second year now.
Djangos  EPD's: BW 1.6 WW 65  YW 102  M17  TM 50  SC 0.3  CW 25  REA 1.42

Django is currently placed on the Young sire Trait List
16th place for Carcass Weight ( top 10% of breed)

Balamore Darwin BLM634D

Darwin is our newest addition , a CJSL Windfall son  bred by the Cooper family of Nova Scotia. We used him on our heifer group and later through the summer he joined our cow herd and we are looking forward to his calf crop later on through the winter. 

Darwins EPD's:  BW 2.1  WW 65  YW101   M30   TM62   SC 0.78   CW26   REA 1.17

photo shows Darwin during the 2018 breeding season