Mary family

Ultimate Poll Mary.... we picked her many years ago out of the Belldoon herd.

going back to Hayard Poll Xact on the sire line out of a Fairlea (Nordic Mary), this cow had a tremendous impact on our herd. Mary herself is long gone but her offspring is still a cornerstone in our herd.

powerful sound structure, easy fleshing, deep bodied, good udder and very mild tempered, that's what we like about "the Mary's"

Bennville Hershey Mary 6H (Wulfs Xtractor)                          Bennville July Augusta 4J (Hulk) signed up to the Eastern Showcase      Bennville SM Augusta 38A (Wyatt)

Genesis Family

The Genesis family, a very powerful family......originally going back to Gibson Genesis  an Everlane Elite daughter ,they have shown to be powerful, easy going, dependable momas with lots of milk .Photo shows Bennville Strudel Genesis (Medalist)  and her daughter Bennville Chloe (Xtractor)

bottom left: Bennville Strudel Genesis17S (Medalist)

middle: Bennville Zesty 27Z (Westwood)

right: Bennville Chloe  4C (Xtractor)

 Bennville Goetz George 5G (Balamore Darwin)                      Bennville Gen Esra 31E (TMF Westwood)                                    Bennville Esra Jolly 12J (BBar Hawkeye Hulk) sold

 NFL Miss Moxie            NFL Calypso      With Calypso  and Moxie we are venturing out into the black Limousin market. Both are AHCC Westwind daughters, raising bull calves by NFL Django  and Balamore Darwin for us. 

left shows Moxie with her black calf by Darwin

NFL Australian Beauty 806F


This "Beauty" came to us from New Frontier Limousin as a heifer. With her outcross pedigree, sired by  Morrisvale Lumberjack she has developed into a super moma cow with outstanding numbers herself and equally outstanding offspring. Watch for her bull calf on test through the winter.

 Beauty is listed on the dam trait leader list for WW and YW

 Her current EPD's:BW 1.7  WW 84 YW 127 M 19 TM 61  CW 37  REA 1.39

with Bennville Hemsworth Beauty 1H  (Balamore Darwin) and Bennville Australian Jewel 3J (Hulk) 

Australian Beauty has found a solid spot in our herd            bottom photos