We  bought Zowie  in2013 at the  Western  Select Sale  in  Loydminster as  bred heifer from Edwards Limousin

Zowie is a Paynes Elvis daughter with  Deuce on the maternal side

 We appreciate her not only for her deep body and correctness but also for her absolutely mild disposition

The photos below show Zowie during the summer of 2017, raising yet another eye catcher.

Bennville Zowie Erna 27E sired by Hollee's Bazooka

middle: Bennville Zowie Erna, sired by Bazooka,  as yearling this summer

Genesis Family

The Genesis family, a very powerful family......the girl on the left is Bennville Strudel Genesis, a Medalist daughter out of a Jagged Edge dam. Strudel has raised a number of good bulls through the years.  Her daughter, Bennville Zesty  (Westwood) has stepped into her dam's footsteps...correct in conformation, deep and wide, lots of milk  and always raising outstanding calves.

Their 2 daughters by Wulfs Xtractor show  good potential to be herdbuilders for us  in the years to come.

bottom left: Bennville Strudel Genesis (Medalist)

middle: Bennville Zesty (Westwood)

right: Bennville Chloe  (Xtractor)

Bennville Genesis Evi (CF Dandie)                           Bennville Genesis Felicitas (Bennville Carson)         Bennville Genesis Esra (Westwood)

The Kudos family

going back to Cressman Kudos, a Denison Poll Gifted daughter, we bought from Y2K years back as a bred heifer. Kudos's pedigree reached deep into the old Cressman Gamine family.

bottom pic left shows a daughter of Kudos, Bennville Ruthy raising a heifer calf for us this year sired by Bazooka. The middle photo shows Ruthy's bull calf from last year.


Richmond Bluebell

Bluebell is a Wulfs Yellow Jacket daughter, who came to us a couple of years ago. With a super bull calf at side this year ( AFA22F) , we are sure that Bluebell has found her spot in the herd