Genesis Family

The Genesis family, a very powerful family......the girl on the left is Bennville Strudel Genesis, a Medalist daughter out of a Jagged Edge dam. Strudel has raised a number of good bulls through the years.  Her daughter, Bennville Zesty  (Westwood) has stepped into her dam's footsteps...correct in conformation, deep and wide, lots of milk  and always raising outstanding calves.

Strudel Genesis, now 14 years old is currently raising an eye catching calf by Marksman. Her daughter Zesty has a black heifer calf by Django at side. 

bottom left: Bennville Strudel Genesis (Medalist)

middle: Bennville Zesty (Westwood)

right: Bennville Chloe  (Xtractor)

Photos above show Bennville Goetz George (Balamore Darwin) as yearling and on pasture duty during the 2020 breeding season and his dam Bennville Gen Esra 31E (Westwood)  . George's current EPD's are impressive   BW 1  WW 70  YW110  M 24  TM 60  SC 0.4  CW 28  REA  1.33

 NFL Miss Moxie            NFL Calypso      With Calypso  and Moxie we are venturing out into the black Limousin market. Both are AHCC Westwind daughters, raising bull calves by NFL Django  and Balamore Darwin for us. 

left shows Moxie with her black calf by Darwin,   Bennville Hip Hop 22H

BW1.1  WW65  YW106  M25  TM58 CW30  REA1.25

NFL Australian Beauty 806F


This "Beauty" came to us from New Frontier Limousin as a heifer. She has developed into a super moma cow, raising an outstanding bull calf for us by Paynes Cracker.

We are  sure that Beauty will be one of our future foundation cows.     Just look at her son!

her current EPD's: BW 1.3 WW 81  YW 124  M 18  TM 58  CW 33  REA 1.49

         Bennville Hemsworth Beauty 1H  by Paynes Cracker

Richmond Bluebell

Bluebell is a Wulfs Yellow Jacket daughter, who came to us a couple of years ago. Photo shows Bluebell with her bull calf by Darwin and last years heifer by Django on the right