This photo shows "Luzi" in the summer of 2014 , 16 years old and just a few hours away from calving.

Luzi, her real name is actually Mack Ebonys Choice, a Waddles Clear Choice out of Roseview Ebony.

We bought her as a yearling heifer from MacKinnons/ McCallums for the girls to show as a 4H project.Paul later admitted being worried about Anna showing Luzi, because his boys had tried to halter train her but had given up. And yes...Luzi was  a handful showing! She could present herself picture perfect, but if she decided it was time to quit, that is what she would the ring or not.

In 2002 she won Reserve Champion at the Royal with her calf at site. She also produced the 2002 highest performance BIO bull, "Bennville Luzius".

Luzi's offspring has shown tremendous growth.In the finishing barn they always finished about 4 weeks ahead of the rest of the group. We also sold a number of outstanding herdsires out of that family through the years and used some of her sons in our program. Checking pedigrees you will find Bennville  Norbert  and Bennville Rascal in some of our best cows.



Bennville Celsius Luzi 33M (Bennville Celsius)                       Bennville Luzi Clein 19C (Bennville Zechine)                       Bennville Aga Luzi 41A (Elmgrove Wyatt)

Bennville Gotlinde Luzi 16G (Balamore Darwin)                       Bennville Aggi Jesebel 13J (BBar Hawkeye Hulk)             Bennville Heidi Luzi 7H (Paynes Cracker)

                                                                                                        signed up to the Eastern Showcase Sale



 goes back to Gibson Cayley, a fullblood cow combining Bonaparte Norseman and Harvest Olympus in her pedigree. She was also  the dam of the Semex Sire Gibson Homerun  and established herself in our herd more than any other cow.

picture shows her daughter Bennville Pina Colada, a Wulfs Klint daughter who was awarded Super Elite Dam in 2017

       Bennville Cool Zab ( Elmgrove Wyatt)                            Bennville Cool Gemme 11G (Balamore Darwin)            Bennville Cool Cayly 1C (TMF Westwood)

Bennville Unique Gal 34U (Bennville Luzi's Rascal)        Bennville Bell Gal15B (Elmgrove Wyatt)                                  Bennville Gal Glory 10G (NFL Django                                                                                                                                                                  

   Bennville Bahama Mama 12B (Elmgrove Wyatt)               Bennville Eierlikoer 33E  (Hollees Bazooka)                          Bennville Kiwi Martini 19K (Balamore Darwin)


GSLF Polled LUV01H, matriarch of the "Moose" family

Nicknamed "Moose" because she was such a powerful old cow when we bought her from Elmgrove many years ago, this cow has left some tremendous offspring in our herd

Pictures below show what the " Moose "girls are all about !

from left to right are:  Bennville Yao by the middle her powerful daughter Bennville Aureol (Polled Exclusive) and another daughter Bennville Chiquita 9C, sired by Bennville Zechine

Bennville Quendolina 23G, a powerful yearling sired by NFL Django out of Chiquita